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codenamelily in dh_exchange


Please refer here for a more detailed explanation on Lily's absence.

I don't know what to do about your exchange, everyone. I don't know what Lily's been doing with this, how it's organized, where any of the gifts are located, or when/if she'll be able to continue with this. I'd love some suggestions, but please stop with the rude emails. There's more important things in life than fandom, and right now, getting better is the sole thing Lily should be focusing on. She should not be upset that you people are angry with her, talking bad about her, or whatever.

If you have any ideas on what to do about this, please let me know and I'll see if I can help in any way.

Sincerely, Gabrielle.


Dear Gabrielle and Lily,
Yes, in the case of Lily her health is of the most importance.
At the same time, as a mod, either one of you could have told us about Lily's situation (or told us yourself if it is Lily) so we were not all in the dark on why everything has come to a standstill.
A mass email or a post like this takes less than five minutes and would have prevented the anger from people in this group.
Plus, as a writer I work in fandom with a certain amount of nervousness, for I, and someone else on this list have had stories stolen or plagiarized. I know that it is my own paranoia but it is still a strange and quirky concern that does come up once in awhile.
But yes, Lily's health is the most important thing, like I stated, but better communication about the situation dealing with Lily to the group would have prevented all of this.
Lily is still in the hospital. I am not a mod of this, I am a friend of her's who has just recently got her password so I can let people know what happened. Seeing as she only recently woke up, I don't see how that could have happened sooner. This post came as soon as I figured out how to do it. I do not have my own LJ. I have been spending as much time at the hospital with her as I can and that is more important to me right now. You should just be happy she can even remember this exchange in the state she's in now.

I had no idea what state she was in. I'm sorry for coming off so calloused in my first post.

November 2007

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